Are you an Entrepreneur at Georgia Tech?

Here's some of the many great on-campus programs available to students and faculty

Startup House

Startup House @ Georgia Tech is a living-learning community on the GT campus – open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Startup House focuses on supporting the entrepreneurial ambitions of Georgia Tech’s students.


Working with students and faculty, VentureLab helps create startup companies based on Georgia Tech research and ideas. Since 2001, VentureLab has launched 150 companies that have attracted more than $700 million in funding. VentureLab was ranked as the #2 University-based incubator in the world in 2013.

Convergence Innovation Competition

CIC is an annual event produced by GT-RNOC and the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT). This unique competition is open to all Georgia Tech students and is run throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Each year the categories in the CIC are defined by our Industry partners who provide mentorship, judging, and category specific resources which are often available exclusively to CIC competitors.

The InVenture Prize

The InVenture Prize @ Georgia Tech is a faculty-led innovation competition for undergraduate students at Georgia Tech. Students can work independently or in teams to develop and present inventions which will be judged by experts

Invention Studio  

The Invention Studio is student-run design-build-play space open to all Georgia Tech students. It is staffed by the Undergraduate Lab Instructors, student volunteers who are always on hand to train you and help with your projects. Use of the studio is free, and all majors and years are welcome.

Startup Competiton  

Create a startup as part of contest. The Startup Competition is geared to creating real startups, not writing business plans. It is open to all Ga Tech grad students. It commences in the fall of 2014, with the finals in March 2015.


Flashpoint creates better startups, faster. We welcome committed founders with domain knowledge and a passion for responding to the needs of their customers. Flashpoint is not an incubator or accelerator; it is a rigorous management and education program that works closely with founders to create companies.

Capstone Design

Capstone Design is a series of courses offered to undergraduate students from all disciplines. Students work in teams to design, build, and test prototypes with real world applications. At the end of each semester students showcase their efforts at the “Capstone Design Expo”. The courses provide students the opportunity to work with real-world, open-ended, interdisciplinary challenges proposed by industrial and research project sponsors.

Startup Gauntlet  

Startup Gauntlet is a six-week startup lab. For first-time or experienced entrepreneurs. Students test their vision by getting out of the building and talking to customers. Each week, hypotheses are made about the world, interviews are held, and results reported in a group setting in front of an expert instructor team. The result is an evidence-based startup business model before even building a prototype.

Startup Exchange  

Startup Exchange is the student-driven hub for entrepreneurship at Georgia Tech. Promoting an open culture of collaboration, Startup Exchange provides students the practical resources students needed to complement the higher education they receive at Tech. Meets every Friday at 4pm at the old Presentation Rehearsal Room – first floor of the library.


The Vertically-Integrated Projects (VIP) Program is an undergraduate education program that operates in a research and development context. Undergraduate students that join VIP teams earn academic credit for their participation in design/discovery efforts that assist faculty and graduate students with research and development issues in their areas of technical expertise.


TI:GER is a three-course academic track that provides instruction in technology commercialization processes with a focus on intellectual property/ technology law and business fundamentals. Students form interdisciplinary teams composed of one Ga Tech PhD candidate, two Ga Tech MBA students and two Emory Law students. These teams work together throughout the entire program on numerous projects. These projects are based on the PhD candidates’ research including an industry analysis, commercialization strategy and plan, and a business plan.


ATDC at Georgia Tech is a startup incubator that helps technology entrepreneurs in Georgia launch and grow successful companies. Headquartered in Technology Square, ATDC serves as hub for technology entrepreneurship in Georgia. In 2013, ATDC was named by Forbes magazine as one of the ten “Business Incubators Changing the World.”

Research & Innovation Contest  

The Georgia Tech Research & Innovation Conference (GTRIC) is a yearly event that captures and exhibits the cutting-edge scientific and technological research conducted by graduate students here at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Graduate students from all disciplines participate to give their research Institute-wide exposure and compete for travel awards and scholarship prizes.

Ideas 2 Serve (I2S) Competition  

We believe that all great ventures and organizations begin with great ideas. Therefore, I2S is primarily a competition of ideas where creativity, imagination, and technology are applied to solving social and/or environmental problems. The competition is for current Georgia Tech students and recent alumni who have early stage product/service ideas or venture concepts that are geared towards creating a better world.

GT:IPS License Program  

The Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC) has developed the GT:IPS license to help encourage entrepreneurship among Georgia Tech faculty, staff and students. The GT:IPS courses cover a wide range of topics related to starting businesses and working with GTRC.

This program is designed for:


Grad Student