Are you a Georgia Tech student or researcher interested in building a startup?

Learn from customers and launch a business!
You can be part of a proven program that has helped students and researchers dramatically increase success rate and launch companies in one-third of the time.


Startup Gauntlet is a three-step process. Step one is Startup::Thesis. You will develop a starting business thesis and a plan for customer discovery.

Step two is Startup::Discovery. You will follow an organized process of talking to potential customers. The outcome is a compelling product-market fit.

Step three is Startup::Validation. You will build a minimum-viable-product and demonstrate a repeatable sales process. The result is an investable or launchable business.

The best way to visualize the Startup Gauntlet process is with Paul Graham’s famous chart – The Startup Curve:

What Do I Do Next?

Simple. Go to the Startup::Thesis page and sign up for the first class.


Here are a few startup projects that have been through the Startup Gauntlet process successfully.